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Las Vegas Progressive Slots

Las Vegas Progressive Slots

Las Vegas could be the most popular destiny for any professional gambler and that might be because the Progressive Jackpot Slots in Vegas provide the best and biggest payouts compared to all land based casinos in the USA.

There are different types of progressive jackpot machines that can be played in Las Vegas:

The Stand Alone Progressive:
This is an individual machine. Here the highest victory combination is calculated using the percentage of coins wagered by the player. There is a meter to indicate the jackpot. The pay back is allocated to give a different amount of top prize. It provides lesser jackpot amount than Wide area progressive jackpots.

Wide Area progressives:
These machines offer the mega jackpots. Machines from many casinos are linked. Megabucks and Quatermania are the some of the games played here. The games are controlled by the operator. There are more chances of winning large sums. The percentage of payback is lower than other machines.

In-House or Proprietary progressives:
These are a combination of progressive machines in a casino. The linking of machines is decided by the casino. They provide higher amounts of jackpot than the Stand Alone. Even though they don’t provide huge jackpots the chances of winning is higher.

Now that we have seen the varieties of Progressive Slot Machines let us have a look at the famous progressive games.

It’s good to be bad:
This is a progressive slot game that compels you to be bad and have a moral hangover. This is quite an interesting game.

Bank on it:
You get your bet prize stored in a piggy bank in the top right side. Whenever three blanks appear in a line, your wager gets stored in this bank. At last when three piggies appear in line you receive your total winning amount.

777 Inferno:
The objective of this game is to venture high temperatures that burn the prizes. This slot has a single payline and pays back well.

You are assured of three free winning trials if two bonkers symbols are positioned in a single line. If you make three bonkers in a line, ten such re spins are awarded. This game offers mega prizes.

Now that you know how the progressive jackpot slots work and what games to look out for, get out there and make your own millionaire story. If you are not as lucky, you are guaranteed to have a great time playing anyway.

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